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Our story

"How is it possible that we've been brushing our teeth several times a day since we were little, but we have no idea what's in the toothpaste?" We couldn't let go of this question and after a lot of research, one thing became increasingly clear: although many of the ingredients in conventional toothpastes do their job, they are often very harmful or aggressive for people and the environment, and as we didn't want these ingredients in our bodies or in the environment, we looked for convincing alternatives. Unfortunately, these were either associated with single-use plastic or were cumbersome to use. So we took matters into our own hands with the aim of creating an effective, natural and environmentally friendly dental care product.

Our Vision

Kiyo was created with the conviction that the most beautiful smile is a natural smile, which is why we are working to develop natural and sustainable dental care products for you and your environment. With conscious consumption and small everyday actions, we can shape the world for future generations - at least twice, every day. So that you can start the day with a smile every morning and go to sleep with a clear conscience.

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Behind the Name

Kiyo is a Japanese name and means "pure". You will find this purity & naturalness in all Kiyo products

Keep smiling'

Team Kiyo

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Jeffrey Christen


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Nando Nichele